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Chapters of My Life
Bantu Records
$16.99 CD / $9.99 download

Visual artist, musician, and African-American immigrant Moken presents Chapters of My Life, an avante-garde original album grounded in the challenges he has faced. A fortunate winner of the green card lottery, Moken received the coveted opportunity to attend a design college in Detroit; yet money was so tight he had to live out of his car. Yet he also formed deep friendships with Senegalese musicians, and from the depths of hardship he discovered truth and inspiration. Chapters of My Life is vibrant, emotionally moving, and highly recommended. The tracks are "Wild Wild Ways", "Maliga", "A Bone to Grind with Einstein", "A Bato Bam", "The Man that Never Gives Up", "Ma Masse", "Machine Man", "Walkin Man", "Jerusalem" and "Waiting for the Day".