06/01/2017, 20 Front Street, Detroit, MI

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Contemporary African rhythm artist and balladeer Moken makes mystical music that celebrates the diverse, vibrant melodies, harmonies and heartbeats of world music. His personal, poetic lyrics demonstrate his deep talent as a storyteller and help him connect to audiences through his experiences. Moken’s intricate recordings and captivating live performances magnify ...

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Ron Kadish

Moken Nunga June 1 @ 7:30 pm, 20 Front Street Lake Orion, MI

“Moken; the discovery of black Africa that stands out from the ordinary. His voice is reminiscent at times of the big personalities connected with blues, rock, jazz, world music: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Roger Chapman, Nat King Cole, Manu Dibango, Wasis Diop.” – Robert Gregor, New Model Radio Slovkia

Last year he produced his debut album, “Chapters of my life” an album produce by the award winning Paris based world music superstar engineer Jean Lamoot who has produced ground breaking world music albums from Ali Farka Toure to Yousou Ndouh. “Chapters of my Life” is already on six Top 100 Best albums of 2016, mainstream America charts including WorldBeatUK Top 10 Best Albums of 2016.
For his first concert in Michigan, Moken tells the story of where “Chapters of my life” was born; while he lived in his car in order to graduate design school in Michigan.

“The man has style, sass and a vocal range even Mariah Carey would kill for.” – Alice Mills, PopMatters
“He is a folksinger and griot, with natural expressive inflections that emphasize phrases, a charismatic storyteller with a unique vocal range.” – James Nadal, All About Jazz

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Lake Orion, MI
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20 Front Street
20 Front Street
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7:30 PM